It took me 6 years to do this. I finally placed my order after catching no sleep at all, and doing some really good ground work. So, here is what is going to be shipped from the extra-terrestrial (www.highpointscientific.com). I am anticipating the following in the ufo from ups.

  1. Celestron CPC Deluxe 800 with Edge HD Optics
  2. Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Module. 
  3. 2″ Dielectric Diagonal High Point SCT Dielectric Diagonal
  4. Celestron 2 amp AC Adapter for Standard Celestron GoTo Mounts
  5. Celestron 2″ Eyepiece Filter and Diagonal Kit With Aluminum Case
  6. Celestron StarSense Auto Telescope Alignment Accessory
  7. Celestron T-Adapter for 8″ EdgeHD
  8. Celestron Canon EOS T-Ring for 35mm SLR Cameras

I’ve always been told I have the heart of a poet, after this transaction, I have a bank account to match it. I am still super pumped up though. That one glimpse of the craters of the moon, that one amazing photo shoot on a gorgeous night with my dearest friends and loved ones, and the fascination on some kid’s face after he sees a beautiful night sky through my scope, should all make it worth it!

I don’t have any followers or readers yet, but hopefully we get a good base here.

A question to ponder on, should I get a dedicated youtube channel?

Oh, and by the way, I did buy the concise encyclopedia of the UNIVERSE. So, that should be a good starting point.

And to conclude, we shall have this amazing piece of literature by Charles Hanson Towne

At Nightfall

I need so much the quiet of your love 

After the day’s loud strife

I need your calm all other things above

After the stress of life. 


I crave the haven that in your dear heart lies, 

After all toil is done;

I need the starshine of your heavenly eyes,

After the day’s great sun.


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