Imperfect first attempt

Hi everyone, we finally had a beautiful night sky here in Dallas, TX. The weekend as disappointing as it was led us into a gorgeous night. I made some good progress today with regards to setting up the telescope yet, there are so many unknowns. I think it is about time. I will be giving a call to Vince or Issac at High Point Scientific tomorrow and try to align the telescope. I spent a decent amount of time trying to align it to the Polaris star and then using other techniques but in vain.

There’s also good news, I was able to get a great view of the moon in my eye-piece. That view was worth all the hard work and time. I did capture a picture which is actually the image of this post. I did not connect a camera, I looked at the eye piece, got a great view, took my cell phone out and immediately captured this picture. Surprisingly the moon travels at an amazingly fast pace and my hands were shaking which might have caused a little blur and put the moon a little out of focus, but nevertheless, we still have out very first picture.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be able to get the scope aligned, hook the camera up and weather holds up and will pave a way to another great night sky.

But if the image isn’t displayed well there, you can see it below.


And to mark out imperfect first time, we have “Today” by Ethel Romig Fuller.


I have spread wet linen
On lavender bushes,
I have swept rose petals
From a garden walk.
I have labeled jars of raspberry jam,
I have baked a sunshine cake;
I have embroidered a yellow duck
On a small blue frock.
I have polished andirons,
Dusted the highboy,
Cut sweet peas for a black bowl,
Wound the tall clock,
Pleated a lace ruffle. . .
I have lived a poem.


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