Embarking on this new fascinating journey! Who knows where we will be able to land in the next 10 years, maybe we will set foot on the Moon, maybe Mars and beyond? But will the fascination of the creation and the urge to look into the deep sky ever die? Let’s start this poetic journey through the amazing light from the scope.

When we mix science with hobby, literature, friendship and romance the experience will be a bliss.

We will start this night by selecting a telescope, by no means I am an expert in this topic, but with the advent of technology, I think things are made easy for us.

I am going to definitely get a Celestron scope, the question comes to budget and what I can achieve with the scope. I definitely want to shoot some long exposure shots of beyond the sky. The goal is to purchase the scope today.

So fasten your seatbelts, grab a wonderful book that you will love, and stay awake!

Let’s hold our hands together and enjoy this!


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