Blissfulness in failing

Hi all,

Tonight we succeeded and failed at the same time. Let me explain.


We found great success in viewing Jupiter, Saturn and Mars from the scope and I was euphoric! Truly, if you guys haven’t seen them through a telescope, I would really recommend seeing Saturn and it’s(or should I call his – pun intended) ring through a telescope, you wouldn’t believe how amazingly beautiful Saturn is! Mars definitely has a red tinge to it, but because my viewing was in a highly light polluted area, I suffered loss of colors on the planets. Hopefully some time in the near future, I can go to an isolate place and away from the city lights to see the colors of these amazing planets in our solar system much better.

Failure 🙁

When it came to capturing the pictures of tonight’s viewing, we didn’t have much success. I truly don’t think this is a failed attempt because the equipment we have on hand cannot really match the pace of Saturn or Mars. Right now, we are juggling between using the eye piece finder for regular viewing and switching to my Cannon t3i with a t-ring adapter. In this process of switching back and forth, we are adjusting the focus of the camera and the lens and then we have the rapid pace of Saturn which we are not able to keep up with. However I do have a few pictures from tonight’s attempt and I genuinely think they aren’t too bad. Let me know your thoughts.







I am convinced that I need to have a dedicated camera attached to my telescope. I have a few options, however I want to really buy a dedicated astro photography telescope. I am talking to a few people who can help me arrive at a good decision. Hopefully I will have a decision and a purchase made by the end of this week and for next week, hopefully we will see things from a new camera.

And as always we have our poem of the day, “Failure and Success” by “Susan T. Aparejo”

Such irresistible twins,
Shadowing each other,
One can’t make it,
Others can’t do it.
Holding hands together,
Far and wide to the ocean,
seas, rives and waterfalls,
to the greatest heights,
and profound deep,
both of them following the other.

Failure first then comes success,
Success first then comes failure,
Both of them give way to the other,
For they know so well,
either one can live freely,
For they are both
Shadows and Twins!


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